What happens to User Productivity Kit (UPK) content post implementation?

When all the consultants have gone, who is left to maintain the UPK content? Very rarely does a client have a resource with instructional design experience that they can dedicate solely to UPK maintenance.  Most often, those assigned to maintain the content are the subject matter owners of a functional area, like Purchasing.  Unfortunately, these individual’s regular job duties leave little time to maintain the content.


While we teach client resources how to use the UPK tool; however, that does not make them instructional designers any more than learning to use Microsoft Word makes one qualified to write contracts or legal briefs.  We have also found that while we have taught someone how to develop UPK content, they may not touch the tool within the next six months or year.  Unfortunately, that means the knowledge has been lost.


Why not rely on a group of people who design and develop curriculum on a daily basis? TAM Training’s exclusive UPKare™ service provides a team of experienced instructional design and UPK content development experts who can provide a comprehensive health check of your training program. This solution entails an analysis of user adoption, material accuracy, and gaps in the training program.  Optionally, we can provide a development and deployment plan and participate in those phases, if needed.  We can also simply provide maintenance of your UPK content on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.


Please contact us at Info@tamtraining.com if you would like to learn more about our UPKare™ solution.