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Watch recordings of all of our past webinars to get practical insights and ideas on how to do change management and training for your projects. If you are new to change management and end user training or don’t do it as a primary responsibility, you will be able to learn a lot from our webinars, too. They provide practical advice and real-world stories that to help you drive end user adoption for your technology projects and investments. 


We add new videos and webinar recordings every month!! 


Here is a list of some of our webinars that are currently available: 


  • What does user support, change management, and training look like after go-live? 

  • Technology for End User Training – Something for everybody 

  • Effective Communication for Technology Implementations 

  • How to Deliver End-User Training Virtually 

  • End User Training: Behind the Scenes of a Technology Implementation 

  • Yes!! You can do change management and end user training projects virtually 

  • Start now to replace UPK this year or next year (rescheduling) 

  • Change Management and Training for Supply Chain application implementations 

  • How to scope and budget the change management and training effort for your implementation 

  • Organizational Change Management: What resistance to change really looks like 

  • Change Management: Which Techniques Work and Which Ones Don’t 

  • Webinar on Oracle Database Security Solutions 

  • Technology has changed, shouldn't our training approach change as well? 

  • ERP Change and Training Horror Stories Webinar 


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