Using Oracle NoSQL Database Workshop Ed 1
In the Using Oracle NoSQL Database Workshop, you’ll learn how Oracle NoSQL Database is used by administrators as well as developers. Learn about the features and benefits of the Oracle NoSQL Database, how to optimize the KVStore's performance, how to manage backup and recovery and how to develop applications for Oracle NoSQL Database. Please Note: This course is made up of two independent Oracle NoSQL courses: Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators & Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers. Learn To: Plan installation of Oracle NoSQL Database. Install and configure Oracle NoSQL Database. Deploy Oracle NoSQL Database KVStore. Secure the configuration. Extend a KVStore by increasing the replication factor or capacity of the KVStore. Troubleshoot installation and hardware failures. Monitor and optimize Oracle NoSQL Database performance. Perform backup, recovery, and upgrades. Design a schema for Oracle NoSQL Database. Use Oracle NoSQL Database APIs in an application to create, retrieve, and update data in a KVStore. Encrypt data and create consistency and durability policies according to application requirements. Benefits To You Learn why and how Oracle NoSQL Database is used to store data, generally Big Data. Identify the features and benefits of the Oracle NoSQL Database. Understand the key concepts of the NoSQL technology and when to use the Oracle NoSQL Database versus an RDBMS. Learn to design the schema for a Java application using a table based approach as well as a key value pair approach. Learn to create the code for storing, manipulating, and deleting data stored in a KVStore. You will also learn to handle exceptions and implement security, consistency, and durability policies for the KVStore and an application.

Using Oracle NoSQL Database Workshop Ed 1

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