PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1
This PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Rel Accelerated training introduces the PeopleSoft application development methodology. This 5-day accelerated course gives you a general overview of PeopleSoft system architecture, as well as the tool set used to develop new applications or customize existing PeopleSoft applications. The techniques used to develop and deploy fluid user interface applications are also covered. In addition, you'll gain advanced development experience as you create applications that incorporate key features like views, subrecords, subpages, PeopleCode, images, and additional fluid user interface features. Suitable for students using PeopleTools 8.54 or later. Learn To: Develop new PeopleSoft classic applications. Create and deploy PeopleSoft fluid applications. Customize existing PeopleSoft applications. Create and modify PeopleSoft definitions. Create records and pages that maintain parent-child relationships. Enhance application and page functionality. Create and use subrecords and subpages. Create and use views. Write basic PeopleCode programs. Implement selected fluid user interface features. Benefits to You You'll walk away from this course with a deeper understanding of the PeopleSoft system architecture, application development methodology, and tool set so you can efficiently build and customize PeopleSoft classic and fluid applications. Quickly and efficiently create functionality in PeopleSoft applications to take advantage of the unique capabilities of these applications. Then, expand your development and troubleshooting knowledge of PeopleTools so you can readily incorporate complex features; this will help further enhance the functionality of your PeopleSoft applications. Expand on Skills Acquired in PeopleTools I The PeopleTools II portion of the course expands on the skills acquired in PeopleTools I. In this part of the course, you'll gain advanced development experience as you create applications that incorporate the following complex features: views, multiple occurs levels, TableSet sharing, subrecords, subpages, links, style sheets, and PeopleCode. PeopleSoft Application Designer Enrolling in this course will also give you hands-on experience with the Application Designer, the PeopleSoft integrated development environment (IDE). Learn to create and modify PeopleSoft definitions, including fields, records, pages and components. By the end of this course, you'll be able to use Application Designer to create and deploy PeopleSoft classic applications and fluid applications.

PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1

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