Oracle SCM Cloud: Configure to Order Implementation Ed 2
The aim of this course is to explain the setup tasks for the configure to order and the fulfillment flow of configured items. You will learn about the Global Order Promising and procurement of configured items. The course is focused on demonstrating the key differences in the fulfillment flow for configured items versus standard items and the understanding of Oracle Cloud configured item fulfillment process, and setup of the SCM Cloud products which are part of this flow. This course is intended for implementers. Learn To: Explain the concepts of Configured Item Creation and Order Fulfillment . Explain the concepts of Global Order Promising. Demonstrate how to configure items in the downstream flows. Benefits to You Ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your Supply Chain Management Cloud applications. Taking this course not only helps you better understand the core implementation tasks required to set up your applications, but also delves into the core functionality and how they can benefit your entire enterprise. Instructional Approach Each lesson in this course begins with your instructor presenting important concepts related to the functional setup or functionality of Oracle SCM Cloud. Each lesson may also require you to do one or more of the following: Complete a portion of the setup in the application. Discuss key setup decisions and best practices. Complete a knowledge assessment quiz.

Oracle SCM Cloud: Configure to Order Implementation Ed 2

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