Oracle Identity Governance 12c: Develop Identity Provisioning Ed 1
In this intensive course, you'll learn about Oracle Identity Governance(OIG) 12c, a product of Oracle Identity Management. You learn the architecture of Oracle Identity Governance 12c and know the various development tools used. You also learn how to implement advanced techniques and customization in Oracle Identity Governance. As a result, you will be able to deliver sophisticated Identity Management solutions. Learn to: Integrate OIG with systems not supported by out-of-the-box connectors. Create, customize, and enrich the reconciliation process, leveraging plug-ins, event handlers, and scheduled jobs. Install, configure, and extend OIG out-of-the-box connectors for a LDAP server. Leverage advanced techniques to provision resources and entitlements to users. Customize SOA composites. Implement approval rules, using the new approval workflow feature. Extend the OIG UI with new functionalities Enable and implement the Identity Auditor and explore the Role Lifecycle Management features Implement role analytics, certification, and Segregation of Duties (SoD), using the new Identity Auditor. Implement custom reports and report automation using BI Publisher. Explore the OIG Java API and the SCIM (RESTful/JSON based) APIs You'll learn how to implement a testing point for OIG integration with Java, modern SOA, RESTful and JSON clients, insulating developers, simplifying troubleshooting client integrations, and promoting modularization and segregation of concerns. Develop a custom connector for a trusted source without an out-of-box connector You'll learn how to develop a connector for a trusted source without an out-of-box connector leveraging the Identity Connector Framework (ICF). Connector development and tests are executed outside Oracle Identity Governance, promoting modularity and insulating the product implementation. On-board Users from an Authoritative Source You'll learn how to develop, test, and troubleshoot plug-ins, event handlers, system properties, and scheduled jobs that allows OIG dynamically and conditionally populate user data, such as user’s initial, common name, username, and e-mail. Implement Advanced Entitlement techniques You'll learn how to use advanced techniques to improve the overall User Experience requesting entitlements in the Identity Self Service console. Configuration includes exposing entitlement descriptions, technical glossaries (hierarchical attributes of entitlements, and temporal grants (Sunrise and Sunset) for application instances and entitlements. Customize the Self Service Profile Management You'll learn how extend Oracle Identity Governance's user entities with new attributes, extend the user entity with new attributes, and configure authorization to implement conditional Self-Service authorization for contractors and employees. Optimize the user experience requesting applications in the catalog You'll learn how to customize the application instance forms in the Identity Self Service Console to optimize the user experience requesting accounts. Optimization includes hiding attributes, providing default values for attributes, List of Values provided by Managed Beans, and embedded links to the external pages. Explore Identity Audit

Oracle Identity Governance 12c: Develop Identity Provisioning Ed 1

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