This Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Remittances 12.0.3 training is designed to help you gain insight into the banking domain with respect to processing of remittances. Expert Oracle University instructors will explore the modules in Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking that can handle remittances, including the funds transfer (FT) module, payments and collection (PC) module and the standing instructions (SI) module.

Learn To: Segregate between day zero maintenances and other maintenances.Understand the uniform functional architecture and design used in FT, PC and SI module of Oracle FLEXCUBE. Create inward and outward remittance products, payment and collection products, as well as sweep based products based on different offerings of the bank, successfully. Understand the linkages of core and other functional modules with FT, PC and SI modules. Create a product.Restrict the number of products to an optimal level.Create FT, PC and SI transactions, along with other maintenances, including BIC code, routing settlement instruction, customer agreements, clearing network and more from the bank user?s point of view.Understand the SI module and the types of standing instructions supported.Grasp the concept of sweeps, process flow of SI in Oracle FLEXCUBE, SI product setup and SI contract processing.

Benefits to you By participating in interactive, lab sessions, you'll develop a solid foundation by simulating an implementation experience on these modules. You'll walk away from this course with an in depth understanding of the features of FT module, process flow of FT in Oracle FLEXCUBE, process of FT product setup, FT contract processing, related accounting entries and SWIFT messages. Taking this course will also help you understand the PC module, the payment method and collection methods of direct debit and request for debit. You'll know maintenances, how to create products and product categories, regular and fast track contract processing in the PC module and payment queues in the module.
Instructional Approach All maintenances common to functional modules are defined one time as part of the core maintenances, thereby making the day-to-day operations within the bank smoother and quicker. Minimal steps are required to complete the FT, PC and SI transactions, as all common attributes are already defined as part of the product setup.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Remittances 12.0.3

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  • This is a 3 Days course

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