The Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Virtualizing Systems course describes using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to manage Oracle VM Server for SPARC implementations, and provides hands on practices that augment your understanding of this virtualization technology.

Learn To: Describe virtualization capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c.Prepare a lab environment for OVMSS virtualization activities.Create and manage storage libraries used to support OVMSS implementations.Create and manage OVMSS servers, guests, and server pools.Migrate OVMSS guests.Build network infrastructures to support OVMSS clouds.Manage I/O Domains.Manage root domains.Work with SR-IOV and Server Pools.Create OVMSS Clouds.Create OVMSS vServers.

Benefits to youBenefit by getting an in-depth learning experience using EM Ops Center 12c software to manage Oracle VM Server for SPARC implementations. Explore the Ops Center software to create and manage OVMSS servers and OVMSS guest OS instances, create OVMSS clouds, and manage I/O domains. This course describes managing structures that support OVMSS implementations, including storage libraries and server pools.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c R2 Virtualizing Systems

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  • This is a 4 Days course

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