Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware & RAC Admin Accelerated Ed 2
This Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware & RAC Admin Accelerated training covers 8 days worth of content in only 5 days. It starts with the Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware Administration course (4 days) and then covers the Oracle Database 12c R2: RAC Administration architecture (4 days); learn how these products work together. Learn To: Describe available cluster configuration options. Install Standalone Flex clusters. Add and remove nodes from a cluster in addition to upgrading and patching existing Grid Homes. Manage and administer both Traditional Clusters and Policy-Managed Clusters. Monitor and Troubleshoot Oracle Clusterware. Use Oracle Clusterware to make applications highly available. Install Oracle RAC software. Create cluster databases. Configure Oracle RAC Reader Nodes. Administer both administrator and policy-managed Oracle RAC databases. Explain the benefits of Local Temporary tablespaces. Monitor and address performance issues. Learn about services in a RAC environment as well as highly available connection features including. Application Continuity and Transaction Guard. Create and administer a RAC One Node Database. Create and manage multitenant RAC databases. Gain an understating of Oracle Database In-Memory in RAC. Benefits to You By taking this course, you'll know how to make applications highly available using Oracle Clusterware and RAC. You'll walk away with the ability to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot both Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC software. Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance as you learn to optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service.

Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware & RAC Admin Accelerated Ed 2

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