Oracle Database 11g: Use XML DB Ed 2
This course introduces students to Oracle XML DB, a feature of the Oracle Database. Students learn to store, retrieve, generate, and manipulate XML data in Oracle Database 11g. Students learn about the different storage models for storing XML documents in Oracle XML DB. Students query XMLType data by using SQL/XML standard functions and XQuery. Students generate and manipulate XML data and learn to use Oracle XML DB Repository. In addition, students access and manipulate repository resources using protocols such as SQL, and PL/SQL. Students learn to manage changes in an XML schema after registering it with Oracle XML DB. Students also learn how to import and export XML data. Oracle SQL Developer is the major development tool in this course. SQL*Plus is also available as an optional tool. Learn To: Store and retrieve XML Data in Oracle XML DB Generate XML Data from relational data in the database Use XQuery to query, generate, and transform XML data Manipulate XML Data in Oracle XML DB Use Oracle XML DB Repository Export and Import XMLType Data

Oracle Database 11g: Use XML DB Ed 2

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