This Oracle Comms DSR Integrated Diameter Intelligence Hub (IDIH) Operations Ed 1 training shows you how this solution allows the user to capture detailed information about selected Diameter/ RADIUS transactions and transmit this information to IDIH for further analysis. Work with expert Oracle University instructors.

Learn To: Troubleshoot on previous data captured and saved to a persistent storage.Use advanced visualization for tracing or troubleshooting a diameter transaction or session.Capture specific traffic of interest.Read trace statistics to figure out the depth of an issue.Extract trace transaction records in HTML format for offline review.

Benefits to youBy taking this course, you'll see how these troubleshooting capabilities can supplement other network monitoring functions provided by the customer's OSS and network support centers. This can help quickly pinpoint the root cause of signaling issues associated with connections, peer signaling nodes, or individual subscribers. The integration of troubleshooting capabilities into the DSR provides a high value proposition for customers to troubleshoot issues that might be identified with the Diameter/ RADIUS traffic transmitted to the DSR.

Oracle Comms DSR Integrated Diameter Intelligence Hub (IDIH) Operations

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  • This is a .5 Days course

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