Oracle Blockchain Platform Fundamentals Ed 1
Oracle Blockchain Platform(OBP) Fundamentals course illustrates the evolution of Bitcoin and Blockchain to start with. The OBP provides a platform to develop, deploy and manage Blockchain applications and Chaincodes. In this course, you will explore the basic features of OBP and various provisions available, which is used to develop, deploy and manage blockchain applications and Chaincodes. The concepts of Proof of Work, Consensus Mechanisms, double spending problem, etc. are discussed in detail. The Practical byzantine fault tolerance algorithm is illustrated with its application in the blockchain network. Go Programming Language (Go Lang) and its language constructors is discussed. Feature of Go Lang used in Block chain development is illustrated with example. How to develop Chaincode using Go Lang is illustrated. Deploying the Chain code on OBP using different types of deployment is discussed. The course lists various Hyperledger projects, provides an introduction to each one of them and also explains the working of Hyperledger Fabric. Further, Blockchain uses cases across various industry verticals is discussed. Also, these use case implementation is briefly illustrated.

Oracle Blockchain Platform Fundamentals Ed 1

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