Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop
This training teaches you how to provision an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service instance on Oracle Cloud that is suitable for your workload and requirements. This is a great starting point for developers, administrators, architects and anyone who wants to learn about the first Autonomous Database in the market. Learn the key features of this self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing autonomous database service that can instantly scale to meet demands of mission-critical applications. You will see how these services enables you to focus on your core activity and not spend time creating and managing your IT systems. Taking this hands-on training will prepare you for the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud certification exam. Learn To: Describe the key features of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service Choose the instance type based on your workload requirement Provision an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service instance in minutes Connect to the cloud service instance using SQL Developer Create a sandbox database for application testing in minutes Use Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database Cloud services Scale up and scale down resources as required Terminate an Autonomous Database instance

Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop

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