JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1
This JavaScript and HTML5 course teaches you how to code application logic in web applications using JavaScript and how to create HTML5 pages to parse and send data using HTML5 forms. Create and modify the Document Object Model(DOM), create responsive layouts with CSS3, store local data with JSON, and draw on HTML5 canvas. Students will add interactive behaviors to web pages creating better user experiences and add dynamic data using AJAX, REST and WebSocket with JavaScript. Learn To: Code application logic using JavaScript to control user interactions and display data. Create applications with HTML5 forms to send data to services. Debug and inspect web applications and styles using browser's tools. Create design templates and standards using CSS and JavaScript that adapt to different devices including mobile with Media Queries and Responsive Design. Read and validate data from HTML5 forms using JavaScript. Parse, modify, and validate data using Javascript API. Add interactivity in HTML5 forms using events and DOM modification. Store and send JavaScript Object data to services, local storage or across different pages and HTML5 elements using JavaScript Object Notation. Draw on HTML5 canvas using JavaScript. Store user data in web applications using HTML5 Local Storage Create JavaScript code to retrieve and display dynamic data from REST services using AJAX. Create JavaScript code to interact with WebSocket for real-time communication. Create jQuery code to animate elements, handle DOM, events, or AJAX responses. Benefits to You This course will prepare any web developer with enough JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge to build complex and modern sites and for those looking to develop Java EE front-end web applications.

JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1

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