Academic Advisement Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 4
This three-day course presents the information you need to answer that all-important question: has this student completed his/her degree requirements? You will use your knowledge of an institution's academic structure, catalog offerings, and your understanding of the institution's degree requirements to organize and define the academic requirements in Oracle's PeopleSoft Academic Advisement application. You will explore a number of ways to create rules, from identifying conditions that must be satisfied, to listing courses that can be used to satisfy a requirement, to grouping rules that must be satisfied before a student can graduate, to establishing limits and other restrictions. You will also create ad hoc advisement reports to assist in the advisement process. You will also learn how to make exceptions for a student or groups of students, how to run a what-if scenario, and how to use expanded conditions. Create academic requirements Create advisement reports Run what-if scenarios Use advisement rules tracking reports

Academic Advisement Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 4

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