End-User Training

The bottom line is that your end users need to use your applications the way they were intended to be used.  Your business, or rather your business processes, depend on it.  Many factors go into determining the approaches that are the best for your end users and your organization.  There are also many tools that can make end-user training more efficient and provide your end users with a consistent end-user training experience before and after go-live.

We use instructional design best practices in addition to some of our own innovations to customize an end user training program for any project and any budget.  We specialize in:


  • Training Strategies and Plans

  • Training Content Design and Development

  • Training Delivery

  • Large Scale End User Training Programs

  • Training Tool Selection and Implementation

  • Other Services

    • Rescue My Training Program – When your end user training program is in trouble.

    • TAM-On-Demand - A subscription of part-time end-user training support when you know you will have ongoing needs but not sure how much.​

Building Blocks of End User Training

TAM Training believes End User Training is essential to your company’s success and your employees’ employment sustainment and growth journey. We want to partner with you to ensure that your employees possess the competencies and skills in which to perform their job responsibilities at peak efficiency.

Each Building block contains a range of services from which you may choose to fit the level of support to your need.


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