End-User Support

Even after receiving training and communication, people forget and make mistakes.  It is just simple human nature.  It is still important to provide training, communication, and other things to help them buy into an upcoming change, but it is also important to support their on-the-job performance when they do forget things.  In short, looking at the entire end-user adoption experience and journey is critical to the success of your technology investment.


We work with you to tailor an approach and toolset for your projects, culture, and budget.  We specialize in:


  • End User Support Strategies and Plans

  • Tool selection and implementation

  • Training and documentation of content maintenance

  • Ongoing change, communication, and training

  • Release Management Support

  • Adoption Monitoring

  • Business process troubleshooting

  • Portals and content repositories

  • Other Services

    • Post Go Live Rescue – When there are problems with end-user adoption after you go live with your applications.

  • Partners

    • Oracle University

    • Epilogue

    • Whatfix

Building Blocks of End User Support
Tool Selection & Implementation
On Demand
Trainer On Retainer
EASI Check
Process Assessment Support
Training Portal

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