Digital Disruption and Transformation​

If you are embarking on a journey to transform your organization or disrupt your industry, self-sufficiency and end-user adoption will be critical.  Transformative and disruptive change journeys take more than the usual change and training approaches used in traditional business process and application change projects.  Your people need to understand and whole-heartedly buy into the energy needed to drive and sustain a transformation.


We provide some tangible and practical approaches to jumpstart and sustain your transformation journey.  We add on some key services to an end user adoption experience and journey that are critical to the success of a broader transformation effort.  We specialize in:


  • Cloud Education, Indoctrination, and Skill Development Programs

  • Innovation Jumpstart Workshops and Tools

  • Change Leadership Workshops

  • Cloud Centers of Excellence

  • Change Management for Agile and DevOps Projects and Programs

  • Other Services

    • Rescue My Transformation – When you have started a transformation, but are struggling with getting everyone aligned and engaged.

Drive disruption in your industry, don't drown in it

Analyze and overcome obstacles to rapid execution

Identify changes in the business environment and take advantage of them

Create a successful digital transformation plan for your organization

The dynamics of digital disruption
  • Review the state of digital disruption and the threat it is posing to traditional companies, across markets and industries.

  • Consider our framework for digital business transformation.


How disruptors disrupt
  • Learn about drivers of competitive differentiation in a digital world and discover the disruptive business models that flow from them. 

  • Study the concepts of combinatorial disruption, value vacancies, and value vampires and apply them in your industry.


The digital disruption response playbook
  • Understand more about digital business ability and its key elements.

  • Apply this understanding to your own company to identify its strengths and weaknesses.


Digital business agility
  • Study different strategic approaches to responding to disruption or becoming a disruptor, all of which require the ability to move with speed, fluidity, and effectiveness.

  • Learn to sense changes in the environment, analyze data effectively and execute rapidly so that you can scale or fail quickly, as needed.


Leading amid disruption
  • Identify the best ways to lead amid disruption.

  • Learn the key behaviors and understand the core competencies of successful leaders making a difference in turbulent times.

  • Complete a self-assessment worksheet to reflect on your personal leadership competencies.


Digital strategy execution
  • Reflect on people challenges and solutions related to talent identification, attraction, education, and retention. 

  • Cover challenges to hyper-awareness and informed decision-making. 

  • Analyze how firms have used collective intelligence to think about challenges to fast execution.​


Your digital business transformation
  • Apply the digital business transformation framework to your company and create an agenda for change.


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