Change Management

End users can be given all the training in the world, but if they do not mentally “buy in” to accepting the change, the training effort and cost will be wasted and their use of the applications and business processes will not meet expectations. Managing change isn’t just about communication.  Larger, more complex, and more significant change efforts require more than communication to influence the hearts and minds of stakeholders to accept the change.


Whether you are making a simple process change or transforming your organization, we can tailor a change management approach that fits your project, culture, and budget.  We look at the whole end-user adoption experience and journey to make sure it is consistent before and after go-live.


We use an approach that uses leading practices and some innovations of our own.  It is influenced by Kotter and aligned to Prosci’s ADKAR model.  We specialize in:


  • Change Journeys and Plans

  • Stakeholder, Impact, and Readiness Assessment

  • Communication and Engagement

  • Large Scale Change Management and End User Adoption Programs

  • Adoption Metrics and Monitoring

  • Cloud and Digital Change

  • Other Services

    • Rescue My Change Program – When your change management program is in trouble or not meeting expectations.

Communication is the key to Change
Or is it?
Change &
Journey Plan
Engage Leadership & Stakeholders
Transition Roles
Change Tools and Apps
Measure Adoption
Sustain the Change
Assess Impact & Readiness

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