Ways to use Oracle-delivered UPK Content

The Oracle-delivered UPK content, commonly referred to as “vanilla” content, provides an excellent blueprint of how customization – less transactions work in PeopleSoft. From a training perspective, we use them to begin the analysis of the curriculum design.  We also provide these blueprints to the functional teams, as the starting point for their test scripts.  The changes they make for testing are often a good way to identify the changes needed to the vanilla content for training.

Sometimes a project’s scope or timeline may mean that we cannot customize the vanilla content for every audience group.  In this situation, we use the vanilla content, without changes, as the training materials for audience groups of less than 6 participants.  We also recommend these individuals participate in system and user acceptance training to augment the vanilla content.  For these audience groups, the vanilla content also becomes their online help.

A common challenge to overcome is the idea that a vanilla functional implementation requires no changes to the delivered UPK “vanilla” content. It is possible; however, to implement vanilla PeopleSoft functionality and still need customization of the content   The vanilla content may include the completion of certain fields or pages that your business does not need; let’s assume it is a non-required field.  This example is still considered a vanilla functional implementation as no configuration is required to simply not use a field.  However, from a training perspective, the UPK topic requires a customization.  Conversely, there may be optional fields, that are not documented in the vanilla documentation, that a client chooses to use.  This too does not require a functional customization but requires a customization of the UPK content. There are more examples and more best practices associated with the use of UPK for ‘vanilla’ implementations – for details and best practices contact info@tamtraining.com.

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