TAM Training’s Change Management Services

TAM Training’s change management services and methodology are built upon the premise that people must not only change what they do in transformation, but more importantly, they must change the way they think.

Clients adopting a new solution – particularly with new Cloud Solutions – benefit from many process improvements when their system is live. Along with these improvements comes a change in business operations. TAM Training understands the impact a new solution can have on employees, as such we design change and continuity programs specific to our clients deployment needs.

TAM Training will help clients prepare for and manage business, organizational, and workforce transitions in an environment that is moving at an accelerated pace, leveraging each client’s distinctive, data-driven insights to increase the certainty of a successful program. Although no single methodology fits every organization, our set of practices, tools, and techniques can be adapted to a variety of situations, and we will inquire into which of our tools and approaches will best serve the organization at this stage.

Using the following guiding principles as our framework our clients can expect to understand, manage, and engage its stakeholders before, during, and after the project goes live:

  • Address the “human side” systematically.
  • Start at the top.
  • Involve every layer.
  • Make the formal case.
  • Create ownership.
  • Communicate the message.
  • Assess the cultural landscape.
  • Address culture explicitly.
  • Prepare for the unexpected.
  • Speak to the individual.

For more information regarding our change management services please contact us at info@tamtraining.com