ASCEND – TAM’s Cloud Deployment Methodology

It’s more than just a word. It’s more than just one technology. It’s a whole new WORLD! The choices keep growing: Cloud, Collaboration, Coexistence. Project timelines are shorter. Ongoing changes are more frequent. Testing, change management and easily maintainable learning assets become even more important. Knowledge transfer timing remains critical to Cloud success.

Do you want a partner who understands the paradigm change? Do you need a partner who can prepare your people and lead them through this major cultural transition?The TAM Training Cloud Solutions Package is a packaged service that provides our clients with customized change management and end-user training content for the Oracle Cloud Deployments. The package is designed to complement the Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription for applicable Cloud functionality with customized elements that support the Cloud deployments. The customized solution includes a blend of critical Change Management activities, Oracle developed eLearning and supporting customized content that ensures user readiness on day-one of the Cloud deployment. This blended approach reflects the specific aspects of our clients’ deployment and includes elements that reflect the business critical transactions at a level of detail that will enable end users to execute them properly.

Cloud Solutions Package Elements

The TAM Training Cloud Solutions Package produces the following deliverables that ensure your end-users are ready for your implementation:

  • Change Management elements
  • Change Communication Plan and Roadmap
  • 2 weeks of deliverable development and coaching with your team
  • Customized content for common Business Processes and Audiences
  • A custom eLearning Overview module
  • Additional transaction Simulations customized for your key transactions
  • Up to 10 customized Quick Reference Guides for challenging areas
  • 3-day kickoff/workshop to identify critical transactions/areas of concern and gain insight into your implementation
  • A customized online “Mini-Ad” describing Oracle Cloud Financials benefits to your company
  • Content linked to a single access page for your Intranet


We start with a 3-day Workshop where we review your business processes and define the course outlines and which transactions will receive detailed performance support (job aids, simulations, etc.). We also define the development and delivery schedule that will support your implementation and fit your project plan. Next, we customize the content and review it with your team to receive final approval. The customized content includes customized overviews for each key audience along with simulations and job aids. After the customized content is developed, we deliver coaching guides so that your team can deliver coaching sessions to your key audiences. We also provide Curriculum guides that guide your audiences to leverage appropriate topics in the Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription, along with the custom job aids, procedures, and overview modules so that they have every element of training required to perform on day one

On-Premise Implementation Package

The TAM Training On Premise End User solutions are customized to reflect your business and your Oracle application configuration. We recognize that every client is different and your users need to be ready and trained on how you run Oracle. Your users and your business objectives are at the core of our solutions.

On Premise End User Solution Elements
TAM Training delivers world class Change and Training solutions for our clients. Our approach, methodologies, and project management excellence support new implementations, upgrades, and post implementation refresher and business optimizations to ensure the return on your Oracle investment.TAM Training On Premise Solutions include:

  • Change Management
  • Change Readiness and Impact Assessment
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Communication Plans
  • Performance-based, Customized training content
  • Analysis and Curriculum Design
  • Training Strategy and Plan
  • Blended Learning Content Development using Oracle UPK or any industry development technology
  • eLearning
  • Instructor Led
  • Knowledge Transfer so you can own and maintain your training solution
  • Training delivery
  • Train the Trainer
  • TAM Training Instructor
  • Performance Support Strategies
  • Context Sensitive Help solutions
  • Onboarding training plans
  • Application and User Optimization Analysis

TAM Training On-Premise End User solutions are developed under the standard of Just, Just in Time and Just for Me. This approach ensures that the End User solutions we deliver are maintainable and sustainable. Most importantly TAM Training ensures your users are ready Day One.

Change Management Services

Our change management services and methodology are built upon the premise that users must not only change what they do, but more importantly, they must change the way they think.

Clients adopting a new solution benefit from many process improvements when their system is live. Often these improvements result in changes in business operations. TAM Training understands the impact a new solution can have on employees, and we have designed a change and continuity program specific to Oracle products.Our approach promotes competence in three key areas: (1) creating an integrated strategy that attends to all of the people and process dynamics of transformational change, up to and including multiple roadmaps to address the needs of various user groups, (2) transforming the mindsets and behaviors of leaders and employees as required by Oracle-driven business process changes, and, (3) designing, implementing, and course correcting the transformational change process.

TAM Training will help you prepare for and manage business, organizational, and workforce transitions in an environment that is moving at an accelerated pace, leveraging your distinctive, data-driven insights to increase the certainty of a successful program. Our set of practices, tools, and techniques are adapted to our client’s implementations and we will apply our methodologies to best address each clients needs.

Oracle Authorized Training Services

TAM Training is proud to be a multiple award winning Oracle Authorized Education Partners with Oracle University! We own and manage Oracle Authorized Education Centers (OAEC) throughout North America and the Caribbean.

TAM Training is both an OAEC and an Oracle University Authorized Reseller therefore we are able to deliver Oracle Authorized Training and Oracle Learning Credits can be purchased from us with volume discounts that can be used at one of our training centers or at other Oracle University Training Centers.

Oracle Authorized Training is offered in several formats:

Instructor Led Training (ILT) – traditional in-classroom training

  • As a regular publicly scheduled class in one of our OAEC locations (or another Oracle University Training center)
  • As a private class in one of our OAEC locations
  • As a private class onsite at your location

Live Virtual Class (LVC) – web based live instructor led classes

  • As a regular publicly schedules online class
  • As a private online class

Digital Based Learning

  • Training on Demand
  • Learning Streams
  • Unlimited Learning Subscriptions

Contact TAM Training and be assured that you are getting official Oracle Authorized Training from knowledgeable and certified professionals which has been developed by Oracle University, runs on fully supported systems configured by Oracle University and comes along with the Oracle University100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee!

End-User Training Services

Will your users be ready   to use the system on DAY 1?  If they   do not use it every day, will they remember how to do so – when they need it?  Will help desk traffic decrease?  Will resolution cycles shrink?  Do you want a short-term patch or a long-term fix that can help reduce future costs?

At TAM Training, we provide performance-based user enablement services to help meet your Business Objectives.  Our proprietary tools allow us to analyze and design quality solutions that fit the needs of both your users and your organization as a whole.  TAM Training’s experienced, certified professionals craft learning programs to reflect and enhance your project team’s success.

Ask us how TAM Training can create effective learning programs today that can be leveraged tomorrow.  Increase your ROI (Return on Investment) and decrease your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by using the RIGHT solution!

VMware Authorized Training Services

TAM Training is a VMware Authorized Training Reseller and Delivery partner, which allows our clients to procure accurate, consistent and complete VMware at a discounted price with all the flexibility of taking the courses in any format including traditional classroom public and private, Live online or vFlex classroom as well as Digital (On Demand, Ceritification exam prep, Lab Connect or Learning Subscription).

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Implementation Sustainment Services

Was Go Live the end of your Oracle journey?  Have you fully realized your Business Objectives?  Are your processes the same now as they were at Go Live?  Have you fine-tuned your documentation to continue supporting your user community?  Are you ready for upcoming updates?

If you’re like most organizations, the answer to more than one of these questions is, “No.”  TAM Training’s User Sustainment services can keep performance improving, maximize the value of your learning assets and help you prepare for your next updates.  Contact us to learn more ways to thrive after Go Live!