Network with TAM Training at the Oracle Open World 2016 Event

The upcoming Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco is one of the most highly acclaimed IT enterprise events you will come across. The 4-day event that is scheduled to take place between 18 and 22 September provides an excellent opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses to become acquainted with the latest issues and opportunities involving … Continued

TAM Training offers Oracle Database Security courses!

  Oracle Database has many features that are flexible enough for any organization of any size. The Oracle Database course is designed to offer organizations an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the database security features. This training helps organizations understand how to meet the security, privacy and the compliance requirements needed to secure … Continued

Alliance 16

Just a few more days until Alliance 16 in Seattle!!! Are you ready? We will be at booth 529, we can’t wait to meet you!!!

Best Practice UPK Library Structure

The best practice in establishing your UPK library structure may vary from one instructional designer to another.  The best practice discussed here, is what we have found successful for both our seasoned instructional designers, beginner instructional designers, and client resources.   We build two main folders; 00 Development and 01 Publishing. Within the Development and … Continued

Find the right Cloud Solution

There are four different common cloud deployment models that help dictate where services are hosted. Each model helps determine who has access to data and information, who is managing the cloud, and the customization of each service. Now a days, employers spend significant time purchasing, managing, upgrading and administering services. It’s often known that these … Continued

Here are some tips to help you decide whether an online class or a face-to-face approach is more appropriate for you.

The internet continues to change and upgrade faster than we think. Now-a-day, training courses are available from the comfort of your own desktop. This transition happened at a rapid pace, in which there was little time to see how it might have impacted our learners. Not all learners prefer online classes, some find it more … Continued

How do time and Knowledge Transfer affect your Oracle project

How do time and Knowledge Transfer affect your Oracle project (whether Cloud or traditional)? Have reduced budgets also reduced the time you and your implementation consultants have available? Unfortunately, the amount of information and knowledge your team needs in order to be successful doesn’t change. How can your organization realize your business objectives in a … Continued

Just a few more days until FLOAUG Innovate!

Just a few more days until FLOAUG Innovate! in Orlando. Are you ready? If your organization is planning a Cloud implementation or a Rapid Deployment of an on premise solution, don’t miss our presentations. In the first session (10:45-11:30), our Educational Consulting Practice Director discusses how shortened implementation timeframes make timely Knowledge Transfer even more … Continued

TAM Training’s Change Management Services

TAM Training’s change management services and methodology are built upon the premise that people must not only change what they do in transformation, but more importantly, they must change the way they think. Clients adopting a new solution – particularly with new Cloud Solutions – benefit from many process improvements when their system is live. Along with these improvements … Continued

Thanks to all of you who visited us and attended our presentations!

If you missed Innovate! you missed a wonderful conference! Thanks to all of you who visited us and attended our presentations. Your questions and comments were outstanding: the open discussion and sharing enhanced the experience for everyone. Look back here for more answers, summaries and news of upcoming events.