Best Practice UPK Library Structure

The best practice in establishing your UPK library structure may vary from one instructional designer to another.  The best practice discussed here, is what we have found successful for both our seasoned instructional designers, beginner instructional designers, and client resources.


We build two main folders; 00 Development and 01 Publishing. Within the Development and Publishing folder, we add additional folders for each pillar.  Within the Development folder, we add a folder for each module.  We create a single “master” module (purple book), for the module, such as Accounts Payable.  We segment the individual topics for the functional module into courses within the UPK Accounts Payable module (purple book); however, they all remain linked to that master module purple book. 


Within the Publishing folder, we typically structure the content specific to how each client wishes to deploy it.  While we recommend publishing role-based courses for each functional module, some clients have requested a single course containing all content for role regardless of its functional module.  The Publishing folder allows you to format the courses in a different manner than what is convenient for development.


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